I think it’s time for YOU to move on.

You are still pathetically stalking my page. 

I am truly glad we didn’t work out. 


I know now why the universe don’t let me to be with you. Because you don’t belong to my life.

I belonged to kind, loving, supportive, honest kind of people. You are a pathological liar, a deceit and horrible. You think by being incredibly awful to me is your way to make me a better person.

Only psychopath do this.

I am writing this because you or your people still stalked my life.

And no. 

I am not faking happiness. 

I am truly happy. It’s just that every time I think about you, I felt like I want to vomit. You are a part of my life I wish I could erase. But I am glad I am a better person from my mistake with you.

And now,

Can you fuck off already? 


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