My Three Questions For The European

Here are few things I will never get about European sometimes. By Europeans, I mean some major part of Europe. The Europe where I live now or where I used to live before.

(This is not applicable for example in countries like Italy, Portugal or Spain where the people are much nicer…)

Maybe it has to do with cultural differences or is it just a person’s personal behaviour?

I don’t know which one but I got to throw this question out there.

Question 1:

If I am preparing food or I am eating something, and suddenly my friend or someone I know came over, I will always, always, always offer my food. I think it’s polite and kind and it is also how I was brought up. But I know this Swiss girl, she always has a lot of food with her, but she never offers it to anyone. I am not saying that I will take up on her offer. Usually, I don’t. But it’s a nice thing to do, no?

I don’t base my observation only to this Swiss girl. I noticed it also with most Europeans colleagues too. Offering a piece of your meal is always a kind thing to do. Why don’t you do it?

How dare you not offering that cookie to me? 


Question 2:

Every time I met a European and they learned that I am from Asia, they always said they love Asian because we are the warm, friendly people. We open our home and our heart easily to the people around us. Even strangers. They love this about Asian. That’s why you see a bunch of these European tourists at my part of the world – flooding around.

I even know a guy that his dream is to marry an Asian woman.

Here is a question, if you like this about the Asians – you know, the warmth, friendly, non-superficially kind bunch, why can’t you be this yourself?

Why can’t you be a friendly, warm, welcoming people like us?

Why are you so cold, unfriendly and so afraid of closeness?


I don’t understand, this. Really. 


Question 3: 

Do you actually like your life?

No. Seriously.




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